Friday, June 19, 2015


Alice was amazed at how well her brother had taken the Great Shift. It had swapped him into the body of their classmate, Maria, and he seemed to adapt quite well to being in a woman's body. In fact, he had barely needed any help from his sister so far in the entire two weeks since the Shift. As the school opened up again, the siblings went to class. Many kids had opted to take additional days off as they adjusted, but for the most part things were uneventful. That is until Alice found her brother crying on the floor during lunch.

"I don't want to be a girl! How am I supposed to adapt? I've been trying so hard, but I'm not sure I can keep this up!" He started sobbing harder.

Alice didn't know what to tell him. She just sat down beside him and did her best to console him. She couldn't imagine what he was going through. After all, she hadn't changed genders.

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