Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It had been almost a year since the Great Shift, and Bill felt that he had adjusted pretty well to his new body. But lately, he had been noticed a strange man who would follow him anytime he left his apartment. The man never said anything, but it was kind of creepy. Bill thought he figured out why the man was following him, and one day lashed out.

"You're crazy," Bill yelled, "I don't know if this used to be your body or your girlfriend's or whatever, but the Great Shift stuck me with it. You just need to accept that this happened. They aren't reversing it; we're all stuck. YOU. ARE. CRAZY."

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Distractingly Sexy

Trevor had been working at the construction site with Joel long before the Great Shift. He didn't expect the massive worldwide body swapping to change anything about their relationship, but it did. Trevor became extremely uncomfortable working with Joel now that Joel had been swapped into the body of a woman. Joel's mannerisms in his new body were uncomfortably sexy. Trevor wasn't sure at first if Joel was doing it on purpose or his body just had that unique feminine swagger about it. As time went on, he became convinced of the former.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Jeff and Ryan returned to their apartment to celebrate.

"That was the easiest two hundred bucks we ever made!" Jeff exclaimed.

"Two hundred bucks...each!" Ryan corrected him, "I can't believe that Trump staffer selected us before the rally for this."

"Yeah, guess they were pretty desperate for the photo op of having women and minorities at one of his events. Still, I can't believe they'd pay white guys like us so much to switch bodies with these protesters."

"Can you imagine what their expressions were when they saw their own faces sitting in the front row. They must've freaked!"

"Yeah, I hope they had a live feed in the back of that van...oh, crap! The van! We were supposed to go back after the rally to get our bodies back! How could we forget!?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Swap Class

Craig had waited until his final semester of senior year to take Swap Class. He knew it was a requirement, but the idea of switching with another student just seemed to unsettling and weird to him that he put it off as long as possible. Things got even worse for him when it turned out there was an odd number of students in the class this time, so he ended up being paired with the teacher, Mrs. Park. When he got home, he signed onto the computer and started to video chat with one of his friends who had gotten Swap Class out of the way much earlier.

"It's just not fair!" Pouted Craig, "Everyone else got to swap with another student and I had to swap with Mrs. Park? It's just not fair!"

Craig's friend on the other side of the chat just nodded as he watched Craig pout, completely mesmerized watching Mrs. Park's body move in a whiny juvenile fashion.

Friday, September 16, 2016


When Melissa arrived at the charity luncheon and began to down cheeseburgers from the buffet quickly and loudly, it turned more than a few heads. Of course, none of the other people there would've ever believed that it wasn't actually Melissa inside of Melissa's body. She had been lounging about her house when a strange accident caused her to swap bodies with one of the young men working on her lawn. She didn't want to miss this luncheon, so she insisted he go in her place. Of course, he knew nothing about how to act like her, how to act proper in a high class social situation. He just saw the free food and got excited. He had no idea how much he was embarrassing Melissa, or how much he would continue to do so. In hindsight, Melissa might've just preferred that she not be seen at the event at all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Government Work

Nick never would've called his job with the government glamorous. In fact, after the Great Shift, it got download right boring. Like many others, he was assigned to document any reported changes. Most of the time this meant just sitting in his office on the phone. People would often complain for hours before telling him who they used to be or who they now were (if they even knew the name of the latter). It often didn't seem to matter how much he tried to speed them up; it was just like they wanted someone to listen to their venting. Nick never complained himself. He didn't complain about the difficulty he had adjusting to being female, though many times he wanted to.