Monday, October 29, 2012


Ryan had been alone in the room since the start of the experiment. The room contained very little except a door with a slot, where food would be inserted, a bed, a toilet and sink, a video camera, and a television with a feed of what the camera saw. For the first few days, Ryan was simply bored out of his mind; on the fourth day, things got interesting. The experiment had certainly begun! The figure on the television was no longer him; it was a woman who mimicked his actions exactly. A quick inspection revealed that he was now that woman. He tapped on the camera to be sure, as he noted that the person on the television did the same. He wondered if they had somehow transformed him or if they had switched his mind with a woman in an identical room. This experiment would certainly be interesting.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Coconut bra

It wasn't uncommon on Exchange Island for vacationers to examine their new selves upon switching bodies on arrival. Those who found themselves with a new gender often took a particularly lengthy time for that examination. However, even still, Wayne's reaction was unique. He took a very systematic approach to his examination, starting with the top of his head and moving down. When he got to his new breasts, he moved them around very methodically. He was particularly fascinated that he seemed to be wearing a coconut bra; he couldn't imagine anyone actually did that in real life. Maybe the woman he had switched bodies with had a sense of humor. He paused for a moment as he continued his examination down his new borrowed body.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas wish

When he was little, Jeffrey used to write one thing and one thing only on his Christmas list: to be a girl. It was the one thing he wanted more than anything. His parents would shame him every year, so he pushed his desire down to a secret place. But as he got older, his old desires started to come out again. In his 20s, he would look up at the stars and make the same wish: to be a woman. He was surprised to wake up one Christmas morning and have his wish come true. He jumped up and down with joy, squealing with delight. But soon he also realized he wasn't at home anymore. When a bearded man in a red suit entered with elves and red-nosed reindeer, he knew he was in the North Pole. Jeffrey wasn't sure what was weirder, that Santa was real or that the man was able to turn him into a woman. Santa explained that Jeffrey's request was special, and it came at a price. If he wanted to continue to be a woman, he'd have to live at the North Pole and become the new Mrs. Claus. It took him a bit to think about it, but Jeffrey eventually accepted -- with one condition: that he stays a young Mrs. Claus!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Ron had been downright depressed ever since the Great Shift. After the world wide body swapping phenomenon, he was suddenly trapped as a woman, and so far scientists hadn't found a way to reverse it. He missed everything about being a guy, and the loss often manifested itself subconsciously. As he worked on a pottery assignment in art class, Ron's latest work bared a striking resemblance to his missing part. Of course, the other guys in class had some ideas of their own as they saw Ron slowly molding the piece of art.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic dust

Frank's eyes opened slowly from his nap on the beach to see a woman standing above him. She threw a small amount of sand in his eyes and began to turn. The sand in his eyes made Frank blink quickly. He suddenly realized he was no longer lying down. He was standing up and walking away from where he just had been. He looked down--he was the woman! The sand must have been some sort of magic dust to switch their bodies, but for the time being he couldn't turn around and go back to where he just was. He just had to keep going...