Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Nicholas took a deep breath as he opened his sister's closet. The reality that he had swapped bodies with her was really beginning to sink in. He'd have to pick out and put on a bra, carry a purse, and put on make up. He sighed. He sort of hoped that yesterday had all been a dream, that he'd wake up this morning in his own bed and his own body. Instead, he woke up in her room and in in her body. He wasn't sure he could do this, but he'd do his best.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Comeback (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
All the training did quite a bit of good. In his first public appearance, Al knew every single word that he needed to know, he moved in sync with the back up dancers, and he did an overall passable job. What all that training didn't prepare him for was the crowds. He felt a huge sense of nervousness when he saw countless faces in the audience. He tried his best to focus on his training, and his his fear well. No one suspected that he wasn't who he appeared to be.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Jeremy opened the odd box that arrived in the mail to find an odd pair of goggles. He had read about these things on the internet, but he certainly hadn't ordered a pair. They'd allow him to play games or view videos in a very realistic immersive 3D experience. He started by loading a video of a roller coaster, and it felt like he was actually on the ride at an amusement park. Then he loaded a game where he played as a cowboy, he could've sworn he could've felt the saddle under him. Finally, he loaded something a little risqué. It was a woman dancing as she stood in front of a mirror. It felt like he was the woman. He was telling himself there was no way his body could move like that, but his brain was sure giving him the messages that he was moving like that; he could even feel the big butt in the tight pants she wore. It was starting to be a little too much for him, but when he took off the goggles, he was shocked. He was still looking at a mirror with his reflection, and that reflection was of the woman. It wasn't merely a trick in his brain, he somehow had actually become the woman!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


After the Great Shift, the only thing Greg wanted was for his life to get back to normal. However, because he swapped bodies with a gorgeous woman, Greg was having to get used to a very new "normal." He found that everything seemed to be different. He couldn't even seem to walk in the same way anymore. Even the way he used to walk now seemed to be replaced with a much more feminine swagger. He seemed so hyper-aware of every move he now made, each one felt so sensual. He sighed, he just wanted things to feel normal.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seemed Like a Good Idea

It sure seemed like a good idea. After finding the Medallion of Zulu and several days of experimenting, Luke and Henry came up with an idea to make some money off the thing. They had stolen several pieces of clothing from their women's dormitory and were transforming themselves into various women from campus. Then they were taking videos of themselves acting silly and sexy. The plan was simply to sell the video to some of the other guys they knew. However, before swapping back to themselves, they ended up losing the medallion. Now being stuck in the bodies of women, Luke asked about canceling the video. Henry thought about. He had a better idea. They had been a lot of different women over the past week. Maybe they should just edit out their current bodies, and leave the rest of the video as is. After all, they could probably still use the money.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

No Way

After staring downward for a very long time, George finally lifted his head back up to stare into the eyes that had been his until just a few moments ago.

"No way," He finally whispered, "I'm you? And you're me? This weird..."

Julia wasn't sure how he was taking it. Inside she was panicking, but he tried to keep a calm face.

"...Weird and awesome!" George continued, "I mean as long as it's not permanent. It's not. Is it?"

Julia's heart sank. Did he think she caused this? That she somehow controlled this. She had no greater clue as to how the two of them had swapped bodies than he did. But she had to agree. It might be fun for a little while, but she hoped they weren't stuck like this...

Unfortunately, they were!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Knowing Look

Tim really wished he could tell people that it was him inside the body of Ashley, but after the lifesaving procedure that placed his brain inside of her body, the doctors were very clear. The surgery had been experimental and potentially illegal, if he told anyone, he'd be risking their freedom and possibly even his own life. So he just had to live Ashley's life as best as he could. At times, he tried to give a knowing looking to his friend Garrett, but instead of appearing to be sharing a secret, Tim's look ended up just looking flirtatious. Even this body was betraying his non-verbal cues to avoid giving away who he really was!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Travis was having a hard time not laughing as he watched Lauren try to adapt to being in his body. So far, he hadn't struggled one bit with Lauren's body. He might be a little more freaked out if there was any chance of them ever swapping bodies back, but that seemed so unlikely. Whatever fool she made of herself while she was in his body, she'd likely be stuck with it....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Getting Ready

"Ron, aren't you ready yet?" Heather called from the other room.

Ron frowned. He had only just gotten out of the shower and started doing this hair. He still had to pick out an outfit, wear some makeup, and put in contact lenses. He hadn't even realized he had been taking so long. Of course, these sorts of things had been taking longer ever since he and Heather swapped bodies. He had always given her a hard time for taking so long, and he guessed now the tables were turned. But instead of trying to speed it up, he decided to slow it down and give her a taste of what it's like to wait.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time Is No Obstacle

In many ways, Jeff felt quite accomplished. His team's invention had worked. He had traveled back in time 30 years to the 80s. Of course, instead of sending his body back, the device only sent his mind; he ended up possessing the body of a young woman. At first, he had trouble adjusting, but after a week, he felt as confident as a woman as he had been as a man. Plus, he was sure the rest of his team would fix any flaws in their invention and bring him back as soon as possible. Then his heart sank upon the realization that since they had been working on a time machine, time should be no object. Even if it took them thirty years, it should've been possible to bring him back the next day. What if he was stuck like this? He decided to try and bring up his confidence level again. Even if he was stuck, with his knowledge of the future, he could do quite well for himself...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cry It Out

Richard had always considered himself to be a pretty tough guy. He claimed to be able to take a punch in the face and just walk it off. But it was the Great Shift that finally revealed his softer side. Being suddenly in the body of a woman was devastating to him. Once he started to cry about it, he just couldn't stop. He didn't want to be a woman; it really upset him, but he didn't want to cry about. The only problem was that he just couldn't seem to stop himself. He wondered if he should be blaming this body's hormones or something. All he knew was he didn't want anyone to see him; it would totally wreck him image. Then again, just being in this body was a blow to his image. And thinking about it didn't help with the waterworks coming from his eyes.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Swap Class

After arriving home from the the first day of the semester, Todd immediately called up his best friend Alex while checking out his new body in the mirror.

"I told you that you should've taken Swap Class with me," Todd told him, "You wouldn't believe whose body I got!"

"Who is this? Todd? You're a chick?"

"Oh, yeah, and not just any chick. I swapped bodies with Allison!"

"Allison took Swap Class? No way. You lucked out, man."

"Yeah, this semester is going to be great."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


For a few years, Kim Park had been the biggest pop star in Asia, but then she disappeared. There were all sorts of rumors about her disappearance, but the truth was even stranger than all the fictions. In reality, a strange accident caused her to swap bodies with a tourist from America named Al Jones. Of course, Al didn't want to destroy her career. He spent his time in hiding training. He had to learn all her dance moves, all her mannerisms, and all her lyrics (in a language he didn't even understand); all preparing for a big comeback. At first he felt a little weird, twisting, twirling, and wearing revealing clothing, but over the past year, he had gotten to really like it. When he was finally ready to come out of hiding, a big smile came over his face. He couldn't wait!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Double Tricked

Nathan couldn't quite believe what Jenna was telling him. It had been right before finals when she had tricked him into swapping bodies with her. Now that the tests were over, she told him that she had failed all of them, not only wrecking his grades but potentially his future as well. As a result, she was begging him to swap back. He couldn't even begin to process this. He hadn't exactly enjoyed the swap, but why would he want to go back to his own body now that his life was ruined? He flat out refused, thinking he could probably do better now as Jenna. Of course, Jenna had simply tricked him again. The first time was getting to swap in the first place. Now it was to make him feel like he WANTED to be in that body instead of his own.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fast Food

For the past week, Kevin had been urged by his friend Reggie to visit this new fast food place. Reggie had told Kevin is was worth going to simply because everyone that worked there was a "totally cute babe." Sure enough, heading in on a Saturday afternoon, Kevin was quite surprised to see that Reggie was right. One girl in particular caught his eye, an Asian woman wearing all pink at the cashier. As he approached with his food and pulled out his card, his eyes met hers. Then something strange happened. With a flash of light, Kevin suddenly found himself behind the register instead of his food. It didn't take him long to realize that he had swapped with the cute Asian woman. He was shocked!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Break Up

Ted always hated his daughter's boyfriend, Edward. In fact, he was going to go to great lengths to get rid of him tonight. He checked to make sure his daughter Amanda was asleep, then he used a strange medallion he had found, touching a piece of clothing to it as it lay around his neck. Soon, he was an exact copy of his own daughter. Then he called up Edward to meet up. At first, he played coy, acting like Amanda would. As the night went on, Amanda's hormones began to play with Ted's mind. He was really liking Edward, but it wouldn't stop him from his original goal. He broke up with Edward in a rather harsh manner. After doing so, Ted felt strange. He wanted to cry. He wanted to run back and make up with Edward. This was tougher than he thought, but he fought it. And he knew by morning, he could use the medallion to swap back again. That is, he would if he hadn't accidentally dropped it as he walked away from Edward.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Purchasing a New Body

Even after body swapping technology had been invented, few people could afford it. Fewer still ever would accept enough money to give up their body. But for the elderly Jim, money was no object. He went to a store that offered the swapping service and began to browse their selection of willing participants. He tried various men at first, but they were often unsatisfactory. Many were overweight, unattractive, or just didn't feel right to Jim. Then the clerk suggested Jim might try a woman's body. The first one he tested out was amazing. She was dexterous, beautiful, and just seemed like a perfect fit. It only took Jim a short aerobic test drive of the body for him to determine that this was the one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Alex read carefully over the contract, still hoping to be able to find a way out. He had been an expert lawyer before signing it -- technically he still was, even if this body didn't have the credentials to prove it -- and he had, in fact, written this contract. He knew it inside and out, but he was sure he had to find a clause somewhere to swap back. Of course, because he had written it, it was very difficult. His skill and expertise had crafted it in such a way to prevent swapping bodies back with the woman who signed it with it. He hadn't expected to want to swap. He was supposed to be happy as a woman. But swapping into her life didn't go as planned. He wanted to get back!