Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seemed Like a Good Idea

It sure seemed like a good idea. After finding the Medallion of Zulu and several days of experimenting, Luke and Henry came up with an idea to make some money off the thing. They had stolen several pieces of clothing from their women's dormitory and were transforming themselves into various women from campus. Then they were taking videos of themselves acting silly and sexy. The plan was simply to sell the video to some of the other guys they knew. However, before swapping back to themselves, they ended up losing the medallion. Now being stuck in the bodies of women, Luke asked about canceling the video. Henry thought about. He had a better idea. They had been a lot of different women over the past week. Maybe they should just edit out their current bodies, and leave the rest of the video as is. After all, they could probably still use the money.

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