Monday, April 29, 2013

Dream come true

Phillip hadn't expected to find the love of his life on the first day of his college career. But sure enough, at his first class freshman year, there she was. It had taken a lot to convince her to date him, but their relationship was magical. But then the summer came. Phillip didn't want to spend three months away from her. At his parents house, he made a wish that he didn't have to spend anytime away from her. He didn't expect his wish to be granted, and he certainly didn't expect it to be granted in the way it was. He woke up the next morning to find himself in her body. He wasted no time. He soon started playing with her body. It was a dream come true.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big meal

Amy had been keeping a close eyes on Harvey ever since the two had swapped bodies. The whole situation had been stressful for him with Amy basically telling what he could or couldn't do to her body at just about every turn. He had thought he finally had some time to himself as he sat down for a greasy meal at his favorite restaurant. Of course, Amy wasn't far behind. Before the food came, she say down across from him. When his meal came and he started to dig in for his first bite, Amy pulled the food away and told him he couldn't eat something like this! It would ruin her figure! Harvey groaned. When were they going to switch back? Amy shrugged as she took a big bite. She was in no rush to switch back; she had deprived herself of so many pleasures just to keep her body looking good. She didn't mind taking a break.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Video chat

Carl couldn't believe the website had worked. After merely entering the name of the most popular girl at his college and hitting "submit," he found himself in her body. He quickly signed on to his computer to video chat with his best friend Jim to share the news. Of course, Jim was skeptical. He was convinced it was sort of sorority initiation that would eventually humiliate him. Carl kept insisting otherwise, asking what would be convincing. Jim suggested that Carl play with his breasts a bit. Carl was a bit embarrassed to do so, but mustering a bit of courage to prove his magical swap to his best friend, he obliged.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Ralph really wanted to panic. His vision had blanked for a moment. When it returned, he found himself at some strange society party for rich wives. They were yammering on and on about their husbands, the pains of having so much money, and so on. The weirdest part was that Ralph now appeared to be in the body of one of these wives. Whatever happened to him had apparently not happened to any of the rest of them, as they continued to talk. Ralph just kept looking back and forth as they talking, hoping this would be over soon so that he could freak out about this without seeming completely crazy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hula hooping

Mike had always enjoyed hula hooping, but he was constantly made fun of by his sister. She teased him that it was a girlie activity, and she warned him not to do it at school unless he wanted to be bullied. So he kept his hooping love a secret. That is until a strange incident at school where Mike's entire class found they had swapped bodies with each other. For a short while, Mike felt devastated because he switched bodies with Joy, an exchange student from Taiwan. But after he thought about, he realized it might not be so bad. His sister's warning about hula hooping at school no longer applied. He could do it any time he wanted! In fact, his hula hooping soon made him one of the most popular girls in school. Is it any wonder why?