Monday, July 30, 2012

Even better

After the Great Shift, Mark, Gene, and Dave all found themselves in the bodies of their wives. The three men were having trouble coping with the fact that they were all now women and often met to discuss their difficulties.

"Gene, you know that I've always had the hots for your wife, right?" Dave asked.

Gene nodded.

"I mean, now that you're her. You and I could...well, you know?"

Gene snapped back, "Exactly how are you going to have sex with me now that you are in Denise's body?"

"Well, we could always..." Dave proceeded to made a lude gesture.

Mark looked at Dave, "Don't be gross, Dude! I don't think any of us are ready to have sex as women. Except maybe you!"

"My wife and I already have!" Dave replied, "You guys haven't? You're missing out! Let me tell you, if you thought sex as a guy was good, having sex as a woman is even better! So I'm serious, let's..." Dave made the gesture again.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily routine

It had been a week since Jeffrey swapped bodies with his girlfriend Nancy, and they were finally accepting the fact that they probably weren't going to be swapping back. It was beginning to sink in for both of them that they were going to have to live each other's life. For Jeffrey, part of this meant keeping his new body in shape by doing Nancy's daily morning exercises. Neither one of them wanted to see her body lose its shape. She warned him to hear a sports bra, but he didn't think it was that important. He was embarrassed to tell her, but the one thing he actually enjoyed while being in Nancy's body was feeling her breasts move about. The exercise routine flung them about so much that by the end of it, Jeffrey had to admit that he was pretty turned on. Of course, Nancy (now with Jeffrey's hormones) was feeling pretty aroused watching her old body jiggle like that as well.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Aaron had been jogging at the track in the park when he bumped heads with another jogger running the other way. The jolt knocked him to his feet, but it ended up doing something even weirder--it ended up swapping his body with the other jogger. He couldn't have been more excited. She was hot with large breasts, which meant that HE was now her. He was now hot with large breasts. He started jumping up and down with excitement when he realized what happened.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It happened at the gym. Mike had been lifting weights, and Julie was swimming in the pool when it happened. A strange electrical surge swapped their bodies. Neither expected anyone to believe what had actually occurred, so they agreed to try and pretend to be the other until they could find a way to switch back. Mike walked cautiously into the women's restroom. He felt a little aroused upon seeing women in various states of undress. But the way his new body got aroused made him feel a little uncomfortable, so he tried his best to ignore it. He found Julie's locker and opened it with the combination she had given him. The uncomfortable feelings returned as he took off her bathing suit and put on her underwear. The heels were nightmarishly tall, but it was her dress that would prove to be his biggest difficulty. It was so tight! He struggled to zip it up over his large breasts. It was funny, but up until this moment, he hadn't noticed how truly big they were! After a few attempts, he breathed a quick sight of relief when he managed to get the zipper all the way up. His sense of accomplishment was short-lived, however, as the zipper soon burst from the pressure of his large bust.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring training

When Reggie was drafted by a major league baseball team, he was excited. It meant millions of dollars to play his favorite game. However, that was all before The Great Shift. It happened the night before the first day of Spring Training. He suddenly found himself in a new body, but he showed up the next day with hopes still high. He had thought his skills would stay with him despite his new body. While he still may have had his skills, his strength was simply not there. His first pitch was a failure. There would be no way he'd be prepared in time for the first game of the season.