Monday, December 31, 2012


Every New Year, Daniel made the same resolution; he always said he'd exercise more. For a day or two, he'd make an effort, but it never lasted more than a week. Of course, 2013 was looking to be a little different already. New Year's Eve had been the typical drunken mess, but waking up the next morning with a completely different body was a real surprise for him! He immediately considered rethinking his resolution, but soon he discovered how phenomenally flexible his new body was! Thanks to this new body's abilities, it might be possible for Daniel to not only keep his New Year's resolution this year to exercise but to actually enjoy the experience of putting forth the effort!

Monday, December 24, 2012

No clue

Both Carmen and Louis were excited that the body swap spell had worked. Each certainly had their own reasons for their enthusiasm. Louis was gay and disgusted by his overweight body. On top of it all, he always felt like he was born the wrong gender. He was so excited to swap with Carmen. Nothing could curtail his desire. He couldn't understand why Carmen wanted to be him. However, Carmen was sick and tired of men being promoted over her at work. Louis's body certainly wasn't her ideal, but she knew he probably got more respect than she did in the workplace. She could certainly do excercise to improve his physique. She had no clue why he would want to be a woman!

Monday, December 17, 2012

How? Where? Who?

Craig looked around nervously. This wasn't his apartment. He had just been there a moment ago, but now it seemed he was suddenly in a fancy restaurant with people in fancy clothes and a guy sitting across from him in a suit. Then he noticed the long blond hair on the side of his head and the strapless red dress he was wearing. Dear God! He was a woman now! How did this happen? Where was he? Who was he?

Monday, December 10, 2012


Benjamin had plotted for months to steal Angela's body. It required finding and purchasing a rare and expensive magical spell, tracking her to obtain a bit of her hair, and many other ordeals. During the entire time, he was downright giddy with the idea of stealing her body. Being a woman, especially one as beautiful as Angela, was a pure dream for him. Once initiating the spell, he was so excited to be in her body. He did the types of things one would expect a male to do upon finding themselves in the body of the opposite gender. But after about a day of playing with his breasts and feeling up his new body, it stopped being so excited. After about a week, he just sat on Angela's couch, watching TV, chewing gum, or whatever. He was already bored with being a woman.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Michael tried to approach the Great Shift as calmly and rationally as he could. First, he assessed he was now in a woman's body. It was certainly weird and unexpected, but he'd roll with it. It would also appear this woman was in the middle of getting dressed when he switched with her, so he picked up the pants laid out on the bed and proceeded to put them on. They were certainly tight! He had had to shimmy his butt to fit into them; his new breasts jiggled uncomfortably as he did so. It was a unique and odd experience for him, but he knew he'd have to get used to it. Next was trying to figure out what happened. He turned on the television to hear the news reports, and it all became clear...