Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Being a hitman wasn't an easy job, but Vinny had gotten used to it. More than that, he knew he was good at it, and he felt like there was nothing he couldn't handle. But as he finished cleaning up from his latest job, he finally dealt with a situation that he wasn't sure he could stomach. In one moment, he was washing his bloody hands and in the next, he was parking a sedan in a suburban neighborhood. He walked cautiously out of the car and down the street. Every step was uncomfortable and awkward, as he was dealing with an unfamiliar body. He could tackle laundering money, murdering people, bribing, and blackmail, but being stuck in the body of a suburban housewife was somehow going too far for him.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Urban Legend

Before heading out on vacation, Tom had read up extensively about his destination. He was pretty sure he'd be hitting up all the best restaurants, sites, and beaches. But there was one really far-fetched urban legend that he thought sounded outright strange. Supposedly on one of the beaches, there was a cave with two entrances quite a distance apart. You'd pick an entrance and make your way through the dark cave until finally coming to a dead end where the rocks split and a bright patch of light seeped through. After doing so, you'd swap bodies with the person on the other side of the crack, who had come in the other entrance.

It seemed like a bit of a larf, so he made his way to the beach and found one of the caves. They weren't crowded, but he did stumble past a few people as he made his way in the darkness. After about a 15 minute walk, he saw the light. Before he was even able to peek through, there was a flash and he was surprisingly on the other side of the crack.

Tom had to admit that his first reaction was one of surprise. He hadn't expected the tale to even be remotely true, but there he stood. He was now in the body of a bikini clad woman who had been on the other side of the cave. He wiggled his body a little, just to feel how differently it moved. He looked back through the crack, walked away for a bit then walked back, hoping to trigger a swap back. It didn't take long for him to realize that there was going to be no easy way to get back to normal.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Office

It wasn't until Hector sat down at his desk when he finally noticed something was wrong. He took a quick swivel, and he realized his feet didn't quite touch the floor like they should. The next moment he looked down to discover he was wearing a dress and high heels. He rushed to the bathroom, hesitating about which one to pick before reluctantly settling on the women's room. His jaw dropped when he looked in the mirror. He had seen her on the train a few times, but today for some reason he had swapped bodies with her. He couldn't believe he didn't notice it as he walked from the train to his office. Maybe there was a reason for that. Maybe whatever caused him to swap bodies with her didn't want him to notice right away, but why now?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In the Not Too Distant Future...

"Are you sure they can't get out?" Xavier asked pressing the buttons again to be sure the doors were locked.

"Yes, dude," Terrance sighed, "Our bodies are locked in these rooms with a constant stream of nutrients and sedation drugs pumped into their system to keep them unconscious. The women we've swapped with won't even move a muscle until we're done with their bodies. We hired them to look after our bodies while we are in stasis. In a way, that's exactly what they're doing."

"Yeah, but we never told them that we were going to swap bodies with them once we put ourselves under."

"It's a safety measure. We're trillionaires; we can't afford to take any risks. What if they had tried to poison us? Or kills us? Now, relax and let's enjoy our temporary bodies to their fullest and have some fun."