Thursday, September 3, 2015

Break Up

Ted always hated his daughter's boyfriend, Edward. In fact, he was going to go to great lengths to get rid of him tonight. He checked to make sure his daughter Amanda was asleep, then he used a strange medallion he had found, touching a piece of clothing to it as it lay around his neck. Soon, he was an exact copy of his own daughter. Then he called up Edward to meet up. At first, he played coy, acting like Amanda would. As the night went on, Amanda's hormones began to play with Ted's mind. He was really liking Edward, but it wouldn't stop him from his original goal. He broke up with Edward in a rather harsh manner. After doing so, Ted felt strange. He wanted to cry. He wanted to run back and make up with Edward. This was tougher than he thought, but he fought it. And he knew by morning, he could use the medallion to swap back again. That is, he would if he hadn't accidentally dropped it as he walked away from Edward.

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