Sunday, September 27, 2015


Jeremy opened the odd box that arrived in the mail to find an odd pair of goggles. He had read about these things on the internet, but he certainly hadn't ordered a pair. They'd allow him to play games or view videos in a very realistic immersive 3D experience. He started by loading a video of a roller coaster, and it felt like he was actually on the ride at an amusement park. Then he loaded a game where he played as a cowboy, he could've sworn he could've felt the saddle under him. Finally, he loaded something a little risqué. It was a woman dancing as she stood in front of a mirror. It felt like he was the woman. He was telling himself there was no way his body could move like that, but his brain was sure giving him the messages that he was moving like that; he could even feel the big butt in the tight pants she wore. It was starting to be a little too much for him, but when he took off the goggles, he was shocked. He was still looking at a mirror with his reflection, and that reflection was of the woman. It wasn't merely a trick in his brain, he somehow had actually become the woman!

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