Friday, September 16, 2016


When Melissa arrived at the charity luncheon and began to down cheeseburgers from the buffet quickly and loudly, it turned more than a few heads. Of course, none of the other people there would've ever believed that it wasn't actually Melissa inside of Melissa's body. She had been lounging about her house when a strange accident caused her to swap bodies with one of the young men working on her lawn. She didn't want to miss this luncheon, so she insisted he go in her place. Of course, he knew nothing about how to act like her, how to act proper in a high class social situation. He just saw the free food and got excited. He had no idea how much he was embarrassing Melissa, or how much he would continue to do so. In hindsight, Melissa might've just preferred that she not be seen at the event at all.

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