Friday, June 5, 2015

Believable lie

"About switching our bodies back tomorrow...I'm afraid I have some bad news. Leigh. You see, while I was walking home this man came out and grabbed for your purse. I managed to hold on tight, but he took his other hand and grabbed the chain of the necklace. He ripped the thing right off!" Bill fondled the body swapping necklace in his hand, convinced he was telling a believable lie.

"How did he manage to grab it off your neck without touching it and switching bodies with you?" Leigh asked back.

Bill felt himself sweat for just a moment, "I was really fortunate he just grabbed the chain! Had we both touched it at the same time, I might've ended up in that thief's body! Not that I really want to be stuck in your body either, but it's far better than being trapped int he body of some criminal stranger!"

"Well, I guess my body's okay at least, but we need to find that guy!"

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