Friday, May 29, 2015


Evan sighed as he picked up Sasha's jean shorts from the floor. He'd be the one wearing them for the time being. She had told him about her curse before they slept together the night before, but he didn't listen. He was just amazed he would be sleeping with such a hot chick. Had he listened carefully, he would've heard that she warned him that she swapped bodies with anyone she had sex with. Evan had a few choices since the curse remained with Sasha's body, not her mind. He could sleep with Sasha again and swap back to his own body. He could abstain from sex and stay in Sasha's body. Or he could sleep with someone else -- man or woman -- and take their body. There was something tempting about the last option on that list. He started to think about whose body he could take.

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  1. "... However, those thoughts made Evan a little distracted and clumsy, so he kept dropping his new girly shorts and had to keep bending over to pick them up again. The shifting weight of his new breasts and the flexing sensations of his wider hips & flat pelvis felt incredibly good the more he moved, so Evan decided that he could take his time deciding who would be the next person to share Sasha's curse. ..."