Saturday, May 23, 2015

Big Meal

Amy had been keeping a close eyes on Harvey ever since the two had swapped bodies. The whole situation had been stressful for him with Amy basically telling what he could or couldn't do to her body at just about every turn. He had thought he finally had some time to himself as he sat down for a greasy meal at his favorite restaurant. Of course, Amy wasn't far behind. Before the food came, she say down across from him. When his meal came and he started to dig in for his first bite, Amy pulled the food away and told him he couldn't eat something like this! It would ruin her figure! Harvey groaned. When were they going to switch back? Amy shrugged as she took a big bite. She was in no rush to switch back; she had deprived herself of so many pleasures just to keep her body looking good. She didn't mind taking a break.

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