Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Angela Wang had been anticipating her husband coming home for a few hours now. He was usually done by 5PM, but now it was almost 8PM. She assumed he was working late to make a few extra bucks, but she was growing impatient and eventually stood outside to wait. When he finally arrived, she was a little annoyed but was also looking forward to the extra he'd be bringing home.

"Why did you work so late tonight without calling?" She asked him.

"I wasn't working late; I was just having some drinks with the guys." He shrugged.

Realizing her husband wasn't going to be bringing any extra money home this week, Angela got angry. She slapped him hard on the arm. "You should call," She demanded, "And that young woman's body isn't yours. How could you treat it like that by drinking that poison!"

"This body IS mine now. That's what the Great Shift did. I know it didn't affect you. I understand that; I get that. But I'm not going to change who I am just because I have a new body either! You never used to treat me like this back when I was a man. I could go out with my co-workers, have a few drinks, and stay out late without a second look from you. Now you're treating me more like a daughter than your husband. I know we never had kids, but I'm not some sort of replacement for something we never had!"

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