Sunday, December 18, 2016

Human Resources

Emily reacted quickly when she heard shouting in the office from down the hall. As a relatively new hire in the HR department, she was sure she'd get a promotion quickly if she could show how well she could resolve conflicts. That's when she found Ben from sales and Joe from graphic design in a meeting room screaming at each other. Ben spoke first, explaining that he was actually Joe and that the two men had swapped bodies.

Emily looked at Ben and then over at Joe. She didn't have much to say, and they could both tell that she didn't believe them.

Ben, the real Ben, the one in Joe's body, spoke next. He explained about a strange tiki idol that he got on a sales trip to Hawaii had caused it, telling Emily that it turned out to actually be magic.

"Actually magic?" Emily asked, spying the tiki on a table nearby. "This thing?" She asked as she picked it up off a nearby table.

"No!" Joe screamed from Ben's body as he tried to grab it from her.

But it was too late. Before Emily could realize what was going on, she got caught up in the swapping too. She now found herself  in Ben's body while Joe found himself in her body. Ben was still in Joe's body. They each spent the next few minutes trying to exchange it between them, hoping to swap again to no avail.

Ben and Joe were about to start yelling again, but Emily urged them to quiet down. She didn't want an argument in the office, and she certainly didn't want her body to be seen as one of the ones arguing. She did manage to calm the situation, but she was at a loss for how to actually fix it!

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