Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Boss

Josh kicked his feet up on the desk and dialed into the conference call. He'd just been listening for the past hour as people discussed projections and earnings per share. It was all pretty boring stuff, but it wasn't particularly difficult to just sit there and listen. In fact, that'd pretty much all he's done since swapping bodies with his boss. It seemed like the easiest job in the world with much better pay than his own position on the factory floor.

Then in the final minutes of the call he heard his boss's name. He put the phone off mute to acknowledge. The person on the other end started rattling off names of those he was going to have to lay off by the end of the week. Among those on the list? His own.

It was going to be an awkward meeting when he called his boss in here, knowing he'd have to fire her in his body. He also knew she'd probably be angry and accuse him of being responsible for swapping bodies in the first place. He actually didn't know how or why they swapped, but he was beginning to be more and more glad they did!

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