Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Oscar couldn't believe his invention had actually worked! He now had a device that could actually swap people's bodies. Well, at least he did. The device seemed to be smoking a little; it was probably more than a little fried. He needed to examine it. Emily handed him his glasses, and he promptly put them on. The device had not only swapped his brain and hers, but many of the nerves as well, including those in the ocular region. He was also a bit surprised that Emily had volunteered to test the device with him. He didn't like stereotyping people, but she seemed like one of those "bad girls," a thought reinforced when he noticed her light a cigarette and take a drag with his body. Still, regardless of circumstances, he wasn't going to look down on a successful test. But judging from the extent of the damage he now was able to see with the device, it was going to be a long time before they could swap back. Being stuck in Emily's body for so long concerned him, but not as much as what it meant for her to be stuck in his for that same amount of time...

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