Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Easy Job

When Nathan was given the opportunity to steal someone else's life, he considered it based on occupation. He wanted an easy job. Celebrities might be rich, but he was sure he didn't have the talent to be an actor or musician. He knew he couldn't deal with the stress of being a CEO. Ultimately, he settled on the idea of being a model. How tough could it be? It was walking and posing. He was pretty sure most famous models were women, but he couldn't imagine that would be a big deal. He wasn't even in his new body for a few hours when he was scheduled to walk in a runway show. He didn't think much of it as they slapped tall heels on his feet. But he was halfway down the runway when he found himself toppling over. He tried to smile and cope as best he could. But maybe there was a bit more to this walking and posing thing than he had thought about. Of course, it was all too late to take it back; he'd have to learn.

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