Saturday, August 1, 2015

Even Better

After the Great Shift, Mark, Gene, and Dave all found themselves in the bodies of their wives. The three men were having trouble coping with the fact that they were all now women and often met to discuss their difficulties.

"Gene, you know that I've always had the hots for your wife, right?" Dave asked.

Gene nodded.

"I mean, now that you're her. You and I could...well, you know?"

Gene snapped back, "Exactly how are you going to have sex with me now that you are in Denise's body?"

"Well, we could always..." Dave proceeded to made a lude gesture.

Mark looked at Dave, "Don't be gross, Dude! I don't think any of us are ready to have sex as women. Except maybe you!"

"My wife and I already have!" Dave replied, "You guys haven't? You're missing out! Let me tell you, if you thought sex as a guy was good, having sex as a woman is even better! So I'm serious, let's..." Dave made the gesture again.

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