Sunday, August 2, 2015


The Great Shift hit, and Ryan suddenly found a bright light shining in his face. His vision took a moment to adjust, but he soon noticed a camera with a surprised looking cameraman. Was he on television? It took another few minutes for him to realize that he wasn't just on television, he was on one of those conservative news shows inside the body of the hot conservative female anchor. He had been a liberal all his life, and now was his chance to say something meaningful, but he was at a loss for words, frozen in front of the camera. If he couldn't think of anything smart to say, he'd at least do something to embarrass this woman. He just started dancing -- not saying anything -- just dancing. People just seemed to continue watching with awe. He wasn't sure how long he would go on, but people were probably getting a good laugh seeing this serious woman act like a bit of a fool.

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