Thursday, July 6, 2017

Learn (Part 4)

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When Debra's date arrived, Edward jumped up and spun around to show off.

"He actually looks like he's enjoying himself," Theresa whispered to Ella.

"Yeah, I think that smile is actually authentic."

Debra's date scowled. He couldn't understand why Debra was acting so strange. Without even saying a word, he simply left.

"Whatever," Edward scoffed, "Debra can do better than him. I can do better than him."

Ella and Theresa exchanged a knowing glance before nodding to each other. Edward may not have learned how to act ladylike, but he did seem to be embracing his new gender. Now Ella had to go back and see Debra to convince her that she could be happy in Edward's body as well...

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