Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Too Good To Be True

"If the deal seemed too good to be true...that's because it was," Kevin told Mona, saying the final bit with a shake of his head and a bit of taunting sing-song style to his voice.

Weeks ago, he had come into the coffee shop and made Mona an offer to swap bodies. She couldn't believe it. She made only a little more than minimum wage working as a barista; Kevin's suit looked like it cost more than she made in a month. He had a high paying job on Wall Street and a pent house apartment in Lower Manhattan. If she agreed to this, that would all be hers. How could she say no?

When she returned to the cafe that day with a sour look on her face, Kevin knew exactly what had happened. He was being indicted for insider trading, or, rather, Mona was being indicted, now that she was the one in his body. He may be a poor barista now, but he wasn't going to jail.

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