Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hold Your Tongue

Wyatt did his best to bite his lip and hold his tongue as Mia told him the news. She couldn't swap their bodies back to normal, not yet. The machine she had invented needed to recharge, and it wouldn't be working for the next 24 hours. Wyatt wasn't sure if she was lying, but he figured it best not to anger Mia. She had used that weird machine to switch their bodies in the first place, and if he didn't cooperate, she might find another excuse to keep them stuck like this longer. And, of course, if he ended up stuck in this body over the weekend, he'd miss the big game and let the entire college down. He was the best linebacker stuck in the body of a small Asian woman. And Mia had plenty of reasons to want to take his body for good; he could only hope this was only temporary as she promised.

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