Monday, November 28, 2016


Right before bed, Lana showed her husband Greg what she had found at a thrift store earlier that day. He examined in the cheap-looking medallion and wondered why she had been so excited to show him. Then, she reached over the touched it while he held it. Greg felt a shock run through his body. Then they both started to change. They were each slowly transforming into the other. Greg was shocked.

Lana could hardly contain her excitement now. "Now you see why I was so thrilled to show you, right?" She said in a voice that sounded like an odd mixture of his and her own, "We can switch back tomorrow after I get home from your work."

"You're going to go to my work?"

"Well, you certainly can't go with my body. Don't worry about it, I can handle it. You'll just have to take care a few of my chores, like cleaning and going to the grocery store."

The next day, Greg felt awkward walking around with Lana's body. Cleaning the entire house was tougher than he imagined. The grocery store was a little easier. That is, until a guy there started hitting on him. Greg felt even more strange after that. He politely declined the advanced, doing his best to mumble, "Sorry, I have a wi--er--husband." He couldn't wait for this day to end, for the his wife to get back home, and to use that medallion to switch back to his own body.

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