Friday, November 4, 2016


Over the course of the past year, Mr. Tong has noticed his wife get increasingly more icy toward him. He was worried until he came home one day and found her smiling. She couldn't stop talking about their teenage son's birthday tomorrow and their planned trip to the amusement park. Mr. Ton just figured that being their son, Max, get another year older finally broke his wife of her miserable mood. The reality was far stranger.

They had promised Max that they would take him to the amusement park for his birthday, but they weren't allowing him to bring any friends. Max found a clever work around with his friend, Lenny. Earlier in the day, the two teenage boys used a weird body swapping magic spell they had found on the internet. Mrs. Tong was tied up in Lenny's body down in the basement while Lenny was upstairs in Mrs. Tong's body. He didn't much care that he was presently in the body of a 30-something year old woman; he was just looking forward to going to the amusement park with his best friend tomorrow.

Of course, after the fun of the roller coasters, the bright lights, and the junk food, Lenny had planned to switch back to his own body. Mrs.Tong had other plans.

She had wanted to leave her husband for a while. The boys putting her inside of Lenny's body gave her the perfect out without having to deal with a divorce. While her husband, son, and Lenny enjoyed the amusement park, she broke free of her binds in the basement. She returned to Lenny's house, ready to live his life instead of her own. If he wanted to steal her body for a day, he should be stuck with it for a lifetime as far as she was concerned.

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