Friday, May 13, 2016

Locker Room

It was weird enough for Evan. He had gone to the pool and somehow ended up swapping with another swimmer, a woman. They both tried not to panic. Instead, they had a side conversation by the side of the pool. They agreed to change in the locker rooms and meet back outside to discuss more after. She told him which locker her clothes were in as he headed inside the women's changing room. Inside, Evan was shocked. So many women were making out with each other. It wasn't long before a woman tongue kissed him and he was pulled into the action. It was hard to get any words out, but it seemed that all the women in the locker room were actually body swapped men. And, of course, Evan was enjoying himself in here, but he had promised this body's owner that he'd change and meet her outside. How long could he keep her waiting before she got suspicious?

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