Wednesday, March 23, 2016


It hadn't been an easy week for Josh. It started off with his boss reprimanding him at work, threatening to fire him if he screwed up one more time. Later in the week, he found out his wife was cheating on him. It didn't get any better on Friday when the Great Shift occurred and Josh found himself in a completely different body. The only thing Josh wanted to do was grab a drink. Most bars were closed due to the Shift, but Josh soon found one open. He tried a beer at first, but he guessed along with a new body came new taste buds. He switched to shots. As he was about to down another one, one of the many strangers came up and asked him how he was doing after the Shift. Josh tried not to sound angry and pissed off as he began to talk.

"Welp," He began, "Now I'm a woman, for starters. And, now, let me tell you about the week leading up to this 'Great Shift' thing."

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