Friday, March 11, 2016


It was always hard for Chuck not to stare. After all, the body he was looking at had belonged to his wife up until a few months ago before the Great Shift. That's when his best friend Mike ended up in her body. Chuck had to admit that Mike took much better care of her body than his wife ever did. Mike exercised every day, and that body was now in better shape than ever. Chuck let out a slight cough to catch Mike's attention, and Mike stopped his yoga to stand up and greet his friend. They used to grab drinks together, but since the Shift, they started grabbing brunch together instead. Chuck asked Mike how he was so able to adapt to being a woman. Mike seemed genuinely shocked; he retorted by asking Chuck if he was having a hard time being a woman.

Chuck sighed. He told Mike that being a woman wasn't so bad. The hard thing was the fact that his wife was now a man, in Mike's body to be exact. She just wanted to do so many things that he just wasn't ready for -- like having children!

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