Sunday, January 24, 2016


It was an argument that they had time and time again. Calvin would always complain about how hard it was to be a gay man in this world; Caitlyn countered that it was more difficult to be black. The arguments would often go on for hours. A chance find on the internet gave Caitlyn a thought about how to settle the argument once and for all. He had discovered a body swap spell for two willing people; they could swap for a day to live life as the other to see who had it tougher. Calvin agreed, and they cast the spell. Each was a little surprised that it had actually worked...

The next day they met up again. Caitlyn asked if Calvin was ready to switch back.

Calvin scoffed, "Bitch, please, do you really think I'm going to give up being a woman? This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I don't care if I'm black, white, Chinese, or Martian. As long as I got a sweet kitty between my legs, I'm happy."

Caitlyn was shocked, but she honestly couldn't complain about being a white man. She knew it would open up worlds of opportunity for her. Though she realized Calvin's attitude about this whole thing may finally cost him her friendship.

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