Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life of the Party

The medallion had done what it usually did and swapped the bodies of Doug and his girlfriend, Tammy. They were both very surprised, and tried to use it again immediately to reverse the swap to no avail. Thinking it had broken, their friends Erica and Jonathan attempted a swap. They were shocked when it worked. Walter and Joanne, who had brought the medallion over, explained it was a timing thing. They had actually swapped an hour before coming over, and none of them would be able to swap back until 12 hours after the initial swap. Tammy, Erica, and Joanne immediately started making plans for a "No Girls Allowed" evening. Doug, Jonathan, and Walter protested until their girlfriends suggested a ladies night. With a slight shrug, the three guys-transformed-into-girls sought a quiet evening at a karaoke bar. But with none of them used to their lowered body weights, the booze affected them quicker than they expected. Before too long, they were on center stage being the life of the party.

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