Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Working late on Christmas Eve really sucked, but Ryan guessed that sort of went along with taking a crummy seasonal job as an elf at the Santa display in the mall. As he looked at the long line, he groaned. He wished something interesting would happen. Then without warning, something VERY interesting happened -- he switched bodies with his co-worker, the female elf flanking the other side of the line. He exchanged a worrisome glance at him, but then he started exploring his new body, feeling up his new breasts and butt. Her worrisome glance changed to an angry stare. He didn't care. He wasn't about to explore this body any further in public, but this change of perspective would certainly make the rest of his shift go quickly. And he couldn't wait for what he could do in private once the mall closed for the holiday.

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