Friday, October 2, 2015

Swimsuit Model

It was nothing short of terrifying for Jason. One minute, he was sitting at home walking television, the next he was standing on his feet, lights were flashing, a crowd was staring at him, and there was loud music. He tried to walk, but was immediately thrown off by the fact that there were high heel shoes on his feet. As a guy, he had never worn high heels in his life. He stumbled a little with them. As he tried to look down to investigate, he saw a female's body wearing a swimsuit. His mind was starting to put it all together. Somehow he must've swapped bodies with a model in a fashion show. He knew he just needed to get off the runway. He was so clumsy in this unfamiliar body. He turned around and started to teeter. The long hair got in his face and he brushed it away. He couldn't balance any more. Soon, he came crashing down.

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