Monday, April 17, 2017

Magic Pills

"Oh, God," Curtis grumbled as he opened his eyes.

He immediately noticed the voice. It was high pitched, then he looked down to see two lumps sticking out from under his shirt. Suddenly, the events of last night came rushing back to him.

After drinking with a few of his friends, things got interesting. His friend, Natalie, pulled out a big jar of colorful candy-like pills. She explained to her friends that they were magic. Each pill would transform your body in some way. The green ones would change your gender; the orange ones would change your race; the yellow ones changed your age; and so on. For each pill eaten, the change would last a day.

Being as drunk as he was, Curtis downed a handful of orange and green pills -- easily enough to last a month. Both of his friends, Natalie and Kevin, were in shock to see the magic pills actually worked, and Curtis had transformed into an Asian woman.

Now that he was sober, the consequences of his decisions were weighing fully on him. He was going to be stuck like this for a month! He then noticed the pills lay next to him in the bed with a note from Natalie saying he could keep them if he decided he wanted to keep this body longer. He wondered where he got the pink shorts from -- thinking Natalie must've had some extra clothes with her that she let him borrow after he transformed. He just couldn't remember.

Then he heard the toilet flushing and Kevin came out of the bathroom while zipping up his fly. Curtis suddenly gulped. He didn't do something else that he couldn't remember, did it?

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