Friday, April 8, 2016


While Jim surely expected there might be odd side effects from the machine he was developing in his basement, he never expected anything like this. The thing essentially created mini-black holes intended to be able to study Hawking Radiation and the speed of light. Instead, the small dots attached to his skin, then they began sucking things in. He first absorbed his cat, then a human body came hurling towards him as well as several storage boxes. He ended up absorbing aspects of any living matter the mini-black holes sucked in. As a result, he became a strange mixture of himself, his cat, and the woman that had hurled toward him. He also ended up with a Santa hat on his head from Christmas decorations in one of the storage boxes. His face felt strange; at first, he thought he was simply because he was now more cat in his face than man (or woman), but then he lifted the hat and was shocked to discover a second set of eyes. As if being a weird cat-woman hybrid wasn't strange enough for him!

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