Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Silent Treatment

Julie was giving her husband, Todd, a rather stern lecture. She explained how she was disappointed at his late night last night, and how he came home drunk. Then it got worse; she gave him the silent treatment. She stood there with her arms crossed, not responding to him for several minutes. Todd was used to this. But then, something odd happened. In the middle of her silent treatment, she twitched.

Too was alarmed, "Are you alright?"

"Of course I am, honey." She said with a smile.

But the person inside Julie's body wasn't Julie anymore. Michael had been hanging out with Todd last night. After a few beers, Todd complained about Julie, her nagging, and that silent treatment. Michael had decided to help his buddy out. He used a spell to swap bodies with Julie. It was just a coincidence that he did so as she was chewing Todd out. Michael hadn't decided exactly how long he was going to stay in Julie's body, but he figured he'd just play a loving, agreeable wife for a while until he got bored. Of course, being as he was a woman now, there was a lot to explore; he didn't expect to get bored any time soon.

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