Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Local police had caught wind of a drug cartel using students at the high school to push their product, and they were intent on bringing them down. Police Chief Ken Frohling hoped to infiltrate the gang with a "21 Jump Street" type undercover mission, but none of his cops could pass as a student. One of the station's lab technicians offered up an interesting idea. A local company was developing technology to switch bodies. One of the officers could volunteer to switch with a student for a while. Ken decided he would undergo the procedure himself and asked his daughter to help him. She had just graduated from private school the year before. No one would know her at the public school, and she could pass as transfer student. After a month in her body, Ken hadn't found a single piece of evidence. In fact, the only think he had learned was that teenage boys are terribly boring as they talk with pretty girls. They just drone on and on about nothing all the time. Everyone seemed to be completely silent about any drugs.

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