Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lifting Weights

Tyler couldn't believe he could piss anyone off that bad. The 200 pound bodybuilder had been lifting weights at the gym when he made a rude misogynist comment to a woman. She blew up at him, claiming she was a witch who would curse him to lose chauvinistic attitude. At first he was scared, but he kept telling himself there were no such things as curses or witches. He continued his workout oblivious to the transformation that slowly overtook his body. Just as he was about to finish, he thought back to the witch. He laughed at the curse. What could she have possibly done? He assessed himself in the mirror. There was certainly nothing wrong with his reflection. The long blonde hair, perky breasts, and skinny waist were the epitome of masculinity that he remembered. Even the low cut top, frilly pink skirt, and high heels screamed manly to him.

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