Monday, December 23, 2013

Tourist season

Arriving on Exchange Island during the height of tourist season was always a risky endeavor. Ethan knew that, but he also accepted that it was part of the fun. Just before the swap, his heart raced as he wondered who he was going to swap with this time. An instant later, he found out after finding himself in the body of a female Asian tourist. It was certainly one of the best bodies he had ended up in out of all his trips to Exchange Island.

With a little more disposable income on hand this time around, he decided to try out some of the resorts more luxurious options. He had scheduled a spa trip for the first day. Stripping down for the first time in a new body was always awkward, particularly a beautiful one like the one he got this time. But before he knew it, he was on the massage table. Getting his back rubbed felt very good. The soft skin of this body felt so much better than his own. Halfway through he was asked to flip over, and the masseuse continued on his front. The tingles Ethan felt when she finally got to the upper body were unbelievable. Having his borrowed breasts rubbed was an experience he wouldn't soon be forgetting.

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