Monday, March 18, 2013

One more out

The game was into extra innings, and Buster Jones was the final relief pitcher the team had. He was hoping to keep the opposing team from scoring any runs and stepped to the mound with confidence. Of course, that was all before the Great Shift. Panic struck the stadium as everyone found themselves in new bodies. Buster found himself in the stands inside the body of a female fan. There was some debate on how the game should move forward, but the rules seemed clear, there could be no more substitutions. This meant that Buster would have to pitch despite his new body. At first he thought his skills would transfer over with no problem, but the first pitch was a disaster. If he couldn't do better than that, he was sure to give us countless runs from simply walking players. His only hope was when he spied the body the other team's final relief pitcher wound up in -- that of a toddler! If he could only manage one more out on the top of this inning, there was no way that kid could get three!

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