Monday, February 4, 2013

Home user

By the time Junior year of college came out, Joseph had moved into an off-campus apartment with his friend Natalie. They were platonic and had never even considered dating. One night, he heard Natalie writing an essay on her computer in her room. He went to his own room to do a bit of web surfing. A few interesting clicks, and he found a very strange site with vague references to "swapping." He imagined it was infecting his computer with loads of viruses, but he felt compelled to continue to explore. Reaching a certain point, a window popped up asking if he wanted to swap with another home user. The only option was "Yes." He tried closing the window, he tried force quitting, and he even tried just unplugging the damned thing, but nothing seemed to work. Reluctantly, he hit "Yes." In the next moment, he was inside Natalie's room at her computer. Even weirder was when he realized he was inside her body!

"What!?" He screamed as he ripped open her shirt to reveal her two large breasts confirming the obvious. Despite being shocked, he couldn't help but let a smile loose.

A few moments later, Natalie came by. He had expected her to be more panicked, but she seemed very calm. She shrugged; she didn't know what happened, but she knew it would Joseph being the one writing her essay tonight! She was going to go out to the local bar!

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  1. Yeah I don't think he'll be writing an essay while he's in that sexy body ;)