Monday, November 5, 2012


Daniel had been looking forward to his freshman year of college. He had high hopes for new experiences, new friends, and new knowledge. There was just one thing he didn't count on: an obnoxious roommate. Daniel could put up with Rick's partying and the fact that he didn't take a single thing seriously. He was less tolerant about getting kicked out of the room on an almost nightly basis for Rick's constant parade of sexual exploits with different women. Daniel knew he'd have to channel some of his black magic for this one. He'd use a spell to turn Rick into a woman. There was a drawback. As his roommate, Daniel would be transformed into a woman as well, but he saw that as a small price to pay. He cast the spell while Rick was away at class. He couldn't wait to see the guy's face when he returned. However, Rick wasn't upset by the chance at all. When he returned from class, he entered the room thrusting his pelvis. He couldn't wait to do some partying tonight to try out his new equipment. Daniel sighed.

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  1. Definitely a tease :) And who on earth can blame him :D