Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily routine

It had been a week since Jeffrey swapped bodies with his girlfriend Nancy, and they were finally accepting the fact that they probably weren't going to be swapping back. It was beginning to sink in for both of them that they were going to have to live each other's life. For Jeffrey, part of this meant keeping his new body in shape by doing Nancy's daily morning exercises. Neither one of them wanted to see her body lose its shape. She warned him to hear a sports bra, but he didn't think it was that important. He was embarrassed to tell her, but the one thing he actually enjoyed while being in Nancy's body was feeling her breasts move about. The exercise routine flung them about so much that by the end of it, Jeffrey had to admit that he was pretty turned on. Of course, Nancy (now with Jeffrey's hormones) was feeling pretty aroused watching her old body jiggle like that as well.

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