Monday, April 17, 2017

Magic Pills

"Oh, God," Curtis grumbled as he opened his eyes.

He immediately noticed the voice. It was high pitched, then he looked down to see two lumps sticking out from under his shirt. Suddenly, the events of last night came rushing back to him.

After drinking with a few of his friends, things got interesting. His friend, Natalie, pulled out a big jar of colorful candy-like pills. She explained to her friends that they were magic. Each pill would transform your body in some way. The green ones would change your gender; the orange ones would change your race; the yellow ones changed your age; and so on. For each pill eaten, the change would last a day.

Being as drunk as he was, Curtis downed a handful of orange and green pills -- easily enough to last a month. Both of his friends, Natalie and Kevin, were in shock to see the magic pills actually worked, and Curtis had transformed into an Asian woman.

Now that he was sober, the consequences of his decisions were weighing fully on him. He was going to be stuck like this for a month! He then noticed the pills lay next to him in the bed with a note from Natalie saying he could keep them if he decided he wanted to keep this body longer. He wondered where he got the pink shorts from -- thinking Natalie must've had some extra clothes with her that she let him borrow after he transformed. He just couldn't remember.

Then he heard the toilet flushing and Kevin came out of the bathroom while zipping up his fly. Curtis suddenly gulped. He didn't do something else that he couldn't remember, did it?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easy (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
And the second part was done. It was a little harder than Richard had originally hoped -- though not in the way he had expected it would be. Psychologically, it wasn't so bad, but Melanie's body wasn't quite as strong as he had anticipated. Actually thrusting the knife in proved difficult. It got messy. He was pretty satisfied, and he hoped he'd never have to use the body swapping spell again, but he was prepared to use it one more time...just in case he was ever caught.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


The easy part was done...if it could really be called easy. Richard had successfully used the magic spell to steal Melanie's body. Now it was time for the hard part. He was going to have to kill his former body. After all, he couldn't have Melanie blabbing about body swapping or anything. He looked at his new reflection on the side of a shiny knife and took a deep breath. He was gorgeous now, and he'd have to stick this knife into his former chest in a little under an hour. That was going to be tough on a psychological level.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Kelly screamed when she saw Max enter the room, "We agreed to try to pretend to be each other as long as our bodies are swapped. I don't run around dressed up like Sailor Moon!"

"Well you do now." Max said with a smile before starting to giggle in a very effeminate manner.

Kelly wasn't quite sure if she should scream at him even more. She certainly never expected Max would ever act girlie, even if he was stuck in her body. She was actually a little worried about him. Maybe when they used that computer program to swap bodies had resulted in Max being a little reprogrammed as well. Something was just not right about the way he was acting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Being a hitman wasn't an easy job, but Vinny had gotten used to it. More than that, he knew he was good at it, and he felt like there was nothing he couldn't handle. But as he finished cleaning up from his latest job, he finally dealt with a situation that he wasn't sure he could stomach. In one moment, he was washing his bloody hands and in the next, he was parking a sedan in a suburban neighborhood. He walked cautiously out of the car and down the street. Every step was uncomfortable and awkward, as he was dealing with an unfamiliar body. He could tackle laundering money, murdering people, bribing, and blackmail, but being stuck in the body of a suburban housewife was somehow going too far for him.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Urban Legend

Before heading out on vacation, Tom had read up extensively about his destination. He was pretty sure he'd be hitting up all the best restaurants, sites, and beaches. But there was one really far-fetched urban legend that he thought sounded outright strange. Supposedly on one of the beaches, there was a cave with two entrances quite a distance apart. You'd pick an entrance and make your way through the dark cave until finally coming to a dead end where the rocks split and a bright patch of light seeped through. After doing so, you'd swap bodies with the person on the other side of the crack, who had come in the other entrance.

It seemed like a bit of a larf, so he made his way to the beach and found one of the caves. They weren't crowded, but he did stumble past a few people as he made his way in the darkness. After about a 15 minute walk, he saw the light. Before he was even able to peek through, there was a flash and he was surprisingly on the other side of the crack.

Tom had to admit that his first reaction was one of surprise. He hadn't expected the tale to even be remotely true, but there he stood. He was now in the body of a bikini clad woman who had been on the other side of the cave. He wiggled his body a little, just to feel how differently it moved. He looked back through the crack, walked away for a bit then walked back, hoping to trigger a swap back. It didn't take long for him to realize that there was going to be no easy way to get back to normal.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Office

It wasn't until Hector sat down at his desk when he finally noticed something was wrong. He took a quick swivel, and he realized his feet didn't quite touch the floor like they should. The next moment he looked down to discover he was wearing a dress and high heels. He rushed to the bathroom, hesitating about which one to pick before reluctantly settling on the women's room. His jaw dropped when he looked in the mirror. He had seen her on the train a few times, but today for some reason he had swapped bodies with her. He couldn't believe he didn't notice it as he walked from the train to his office. Maybe there was a reason for that. Maybe whatever caused him to swap bodies with her didn't want him to notice right away, but why now?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In the Not Too Distant Future...

"Are you sure they can't get out?" Xavier asked pressing the buttons again to be sure the doors were locked.

"Yes, dude," Terrance sighed, "Our bodies are locked in these rooms with a constant stream of nutrients and sedation drugs pumped into their system to keep them unconscious. The women we've swapped with won't even move a muscle until we're done with their bodies. We hired them to look after our bodies while we are in stasis. In a way, that's exactly what they're doing."

"Yeah, but we never told them that we were going to swap bodies with them once we put ourselves under."

"It's a safety measure. We're trillionaires; we can't afford to take any risks. What if they had tried to poison us? Or kills us? Now, relax and let's enjoy our temporary bodies to their fullest and have some fun."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Paul had been stuck in Wendy's body for a day now. It had gone well so far; he thought he adapted well enough. However, he had yet to use the bathroom. The idea of going just made him uncomfortable; he didn't want to think about Wendy's body in that way. When he finally sat down to go, he let out a large fart. He had to accept a painful reality that women's bodies did fart, but it got worse when he would soon come to realize that they also poop too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Chuck rolled his eyes after Rachel told him that she hadn't finished translating the next portion of the spell from the ancient book yet. He was growing impatient. It had been a week since she finished translating the first part of the spell, the part that had swapped their bodies! She tried to explain to him that translating the book was no small feat. It was written in a completely extinct language with no reference. In fact, just translating that first part that turned out to be a magic spell had taken her a year to translate. Chuck didn't want to hear any excuses; he just wanted to be back in his own body.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Helping Each Other Out

"Do you think our girlfriends will switch back bodies with us soon?" Aiden asked.

"I certainly hope so," Scott replied, "I hate being a woman."

"Agreed. The worst part is these damned pants. They are so tight that I feel like my circulation is being cut off from the waist down."

"I can't even get mine on."

"Here, let me help. I got a tool from the basement."

And so Scott helped Aiden zip up his very tight jeans. Aiden smiled before Scott lifted him to his feet. Neither was happy about being stuck in their girlfriends' bodies, but they were glad they were stuck together. At least they could each help the other out.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


After the Great Shift, all Michael wanted to do was find his original body. The chaotic situation of everyone else being swapped as well made it quite difficult. It also didn't help that his new body was so short as well. He probably only stood at a little over five feet tall with this woman's body. Everyone seemed to be towering above him.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It wasn't exactly uncommon after Clark fought with his wife for the two to engage in an epic love-making session. But it was a bit more of a twist when he woke up the next morning in her body. His shocked scream awoke her. She laughed as she explained that she was actually still quite angry with him, and that she used a curse her grandmother had given her to swap bodies as a punishment to teach him a lesson.

Clark's jaw drop. "Oh, these are a curse?" He asked motioning to his chest, "Do you really think I am going to be complaining about any of this? Do you have a brain? Plus, I know that curse. It reverses when I apologize. Do you really think I am going to give this up? Because I'm not apologizing ever. And I think it's going to be you who are the one who is going to feel stuck soon enough."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Running Late

Josh ran from his car to his office. He only had one more minute to get to his desk; if he was late again, his boss would kill him. Running like this was much easier before the Great Shift when he was able to wear pants and shoes instead of a dress and heels. He thought the fact that everyone swapped bodies might've relaxed the office dress code, but no! And everyone was expected to dress based on what their new bodies were, which meant he had to dress like the woman he now was. It was annoying, but he couldn't afford to be fired -- which also meant he couldn't afford to be late!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Quite honestly, it was absolutely humiliating. Before the Shift happened, Bruce had been an all-around great athlete. He excelled in baseball, football, track, and just about anything else you could think of. But now he couldn't even catch a ball headed for his head. The woman he ended up swapping with had bad eyes. For the nearsightedness, he got some contact lenses instead of using the glasses she wore. But there was little he could do for her poor depth perception. He knew he'd have to try to adjust, but it really wasn't easy.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Could Get Worse

"I told you that you had 24 hours," Harrison explained to Mary, "Twenty four hours to fix our swapped bodies. Now, I get serious."

Mary's law dropped when Harrison pulled out a pair of scissors and lobbed off a big chunk of her hair.

"This is just the beginning, Mary. If you don't fix this and get us back into our own bodies, I am going to do so much worse things to your body, so you better find a way to swap us back as soon as possible."

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Too Good To Be True

"If the deal seemed too good to be true...that's because it was," Kevin told Mona, saying the final bit with a shake of his head and a bit of taunting sing-song style to his voice.

Weeks ago, he had come into the coffee shop and made Mona an offer to swap bodies. She couldn't believe it. She made only a little more than minimum wage working as a barista; Kevin's suit looked like it cost more than she made in a month. He had a high paying job on Wall Street and a pent house apartment in Lower Manhattan. If she agreed to this, that would all be hers. How could she say no?

When she returned to the cafe that day with a sour look on her face, Kevin knew exactly what had happened. He was being indicted for insider trading, or, rather, Mona was being indicted, now that she was the one in his body. He may be a poor barista now, but he wasn't going to jail.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Secret Magic Diet

Anytime Sam sat down to eat in public, people would come and ask how he could stay so thin. He was always stuffing his face with a lot of fatty food. They asked if he had a secret magic diet. He didn't have a diet, but he did have a magic secret. He had the ability to switch bodies. Any time he felt like he was gaining weight, he'd just swap bodies with someone thin. In fact, he just swapped bodies with a skinny Asian woman. The first thing he did was go out and pig out on some doughnuts. Sure enough, with his mouth full, a person came up to him and asked how he managed to stay so skinny.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Jeffrey showed a lot of promise on his college baseball team, at least before the Great Shift hit. When he found himself in the body of a woman, he was depressed. He could no longer pitch the way he used to, but maybe he could keep trying. After all, he hadn't always been good at baseball. It took many years of hard work for him to get good the first time. But how fast could he turn it around this time? And even if he did, would anyone accept a woman in the sport?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hold Your Tongue

Wyatt did his best to bite his lip and hold his tongue as Mia told him the news. She couldn't swap their bodies back to normal, not yet. The machine she had invented needed to recharge, and it wouldn't be working for the next 24 hours. Wyatt wasn't sure if she was lying, but he figured it best not to anger Mia. She had used that weird machine to switch their bodies in the first place, and if he didn't cooperate, she might find another excuse to keep them stuck like this longer. And, of course, if he ended up stuck in this body over the weekend, he'd miss the big game and let the entire college down. He was the best linebacker stuck in the body of a small Asian woman. And Mia had plenty of reasons to want to take his body for good; he could only hope this was only temporary as she promised.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jaw Dropping

John's jaw dropped when he suddenly found himself looking at his own face. Then he looked over to see Mike, and he was in a downright panic. The only other person sitting at the table had been Mike's girlfriend, Jenna. And if he was no longer himself and he wasn't Mike that meant...

He couldn't believe it! He was in Jenna's body! He just kept looking back and forth at his former body and Mike in shock with his mouth wide open. He wasn't even able to form a single word to express his surprise.